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Trademarks and Copyrights

Protection of your intellectual property is a vital aspect of your business operations. Registration of written works, designs, slogans, logos and artwork, among other types of intellectual property, safeguards your business from those who may seek to copy and illegally profit from your work. Registration puts third parties on notice of your ownership of the intellectual property and provides you with additional remedies and protections that unregistered works do not enjoy.

Ms. Zurflueh represents a wide range of businesses and individuals in various fields and industries, all of whom have wisely chosen to register their valuable intellectual property. Ms. Zurflueh provides trademark and copyright registrations at an extremely competitive rate. She has over a decade of experience in this field. Contact her for a free consultation to discuss register-ability of your intellectual property and for detailed rate information.

Cease and Desist Letters and Infringement Resolution

You have an obligation to protect your intellectual property rights and to prevent others from diluting your trademarks through infringement. What if you already have registered works which are currently being infringed upon by a third party? Infringement is costly to your brand and an extremely frustrating reality for many individuals and businesses. Ms. Zurflueh can assist you by preparing a carefully drafted cease and desist letter aimed at stopping the infringer from further unlawful conduct. In addition, Ms. Zurflueh has successfully negotiated numerous settlement agreements whereby the infringer agreed to pay significant damages, turn over all infringing product, and to cease and desist from further infringement. Individuals and businesses know that litigation is costly in terms of time, money and human resources. Thus, Ms. Zurflueh's significant dispute resolution experience can provide you or your firm a cost effective alternative and solution in the event of an existing infringement. It is imperative that owners of intellectual property act quickly to protect their rights. Contact Ms. Zurflueh for a free consultation and to discuss your options.