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Business Formation & Compliance

Don't trust your business formation, corporate minute books, shareholder and membership certificates to a generic do it yourself online service! Do it right the first time. Don't risk failing to comply with state mandated corporate compliance. Far too often individuals form and manage their companies using this seemingly cost-effective approach. Unfortunately, many soon learn that because these do it yourself services expressly do not provide legal advice, the new company was improperly formed, does not meet the needs of the individuals or is not timely created, thus leading to costly corrections and re-filing. More often than not, individuals select the wrong type of entity for their needs and are left paying costly minimum taxes or additional filing fees to correct the error.

Start your business the right way by consulting with a competent attorney who can analyze your company needs and consult with you. Don't fall for the cheap alternative with no one to help verify you have selected the right approach and entity type.

Ms. Zurflueh provides cost effective legal services that rival those do it yourself companies. Her services can give you the added peace of mind of a consultation with an experienced attorney. In addition, she can prepare and update your company minute book at a competitive rate that will keep your new company in compliance with state law.

Business Agreements & Documents

Unfortunately, the days of a handshake deal for the most part, are over. While it certainly would be far superior than incurring an attorney bill for written agreement preparation, the realities of the marketplace require that all individuals and businesses "get it in writing". A dispute is governed by such an agreement and the lack of a written agreement can lead to costly litigation and/or significant lost time and revenue. Importantly, that written agreements should not be something you have gleaned from the Internet, nor should it be an aged document that you or your attorney developed years ago. Documents must be updated to reflect always changing laws and to suit your business and circumstances.

Ms. Zurflueh has significant experience drafting and litigation all types of agreements including employment agreements, contractor and vendor agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, confidentiality agreements, indemnity agreements, settlement agreements, releases and more. Ms. Zurflueh can assist your business by reviewing current agreements for compliance with law and drafting new or revised agreements designed to better protect your business or personal interests. Get it in writing. Get it right and save precious time and money.

Her rates are competitive. Contact her to discuss your particular individual or company needs.